Organization of Fast Relief & Development (FRD) is an independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization working to help and rebuild Afghanistan after decades of war and destruction. FRD provides humanitarian assistance to crises and natural disasters affected people and refugees/internally displaced persons (IDPs). We cooperate and work closely with the civil society and other international development agencies in Afghanistan to works for reconstruction and development in Afghanistan by conducting development cooperation and supporting capacity development. Today FRD is an organized, an independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization officially registered with “NGO’s department” Ministry of Economy of Government of Afghanistan. 

FRD is working on Counter Human Trafficking Project by to enhance the knowledge of Afghan people, who don’t have access to public awareness raising campaign opportunities on human trafficking; we aim to bring about positive changes in people visions and behavior in term of counter human trafficking.

Specific Project Objectives:

  • To increased awareness about the combating human trafficking in Afghanistan.
  • To build the capacities of Afghan people how to deal with human trafficking.
  • To increase the public awareness about the importance of human life, respect human and provide positive development opportunities to people who suffer Trafficking in Person (TIP).
  • To promote the Afghan peoples voices and contributions on preventing human trafficking.
  • To conduct dialogue about human trafficking and produce multimedia messaging through multimedia.