Future Generations Afghanistan (FGA) established in May 2002. It is registered with Ministry of Economy, Islamic Government of Afghanistan in 25 October 2005. FGA has been pioneering in successful development interventions in primary rural governance, youth empowerment, health, water supply, environmental conservation, food security, education and peacebuilding.

FGA recently signed a small grant with the French Embassy to “Build the Governance and Research Capacity of Youth-Led Civil Society Organizations” in seven regions of Afghanistan, in close collaboration of the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs (DMOYA). The overall goal of the project is to increase youths CSOs’ professional capacity on governance and research, and empower them to influence policy formulations and carefully observe their implementation at national and provincial levels.

About 10 -15 persons of FGEO and DMOYA employees will attend a 4-days TOT training workshop in Kabul.  The main topics of the workshop are (i) governance definitions, concept, actors & elements of good government, (ii) development meaning, types and approaches, (iii) research meaning, purposes, principles, scope and methods, and (iv) learning how to do research for development work, managing for impact to promote for implementation–influencing the program and promoting for policy influence.  The training will be facilitated in both theoretical and practical sessions. A pre-test and post - test will be taken by FGA master trainers to evaluate the trainees’ knowledge and the training program. The trainers who will get score of 70 or above will be entitled to receive the TOT graduation certificates.  The FGA master trainers will work in close consultation of the selected trainers and FGA experts in preparing of training materials, and the delivery of training program to the provincial youth-led CSOs.

30 youths will be participating in the two days “Governance & Development” training program. (In total 210 persons in 7 provinces)
30 youth will be participating in another two days training program on “Research Methods and Research for Development” training program.  (In total 210 persons in seven province)
30 youth leaders will be invited in one full day workshop of “Youth Listening Exercise”. Each Listening Exercise will be leading by FGA expert, FGEO and DMOYA seniors from their provincial offices in seven regions.

The project aims to empower the youth and utilize the potential and energy of this large population for the development, peace building and finally leadership in their communities. This will be done through facilitating series of training workshops for 630 youths population from at least 210 youth organizations in seven regional centers (Kabul, Nangarhar, Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Paktia, Bamiyan) of Afghanistan. In each region, the 90 youths will be selecting to attend in the following training programs. This means that total 90 youth in each region will receive new knowledge and improve their civil actions and practices.