The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN is a Swiss based foundation, operating internationally, that mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition. The organization is delivering improved nutrition to an estimated 1 billion people in more than 30 countries, half of whom are women and children. This is achieved through nutritional products such as fortified cooking oil and flour in Africa, soy sauce in China and biscuits in India, as well as specialized products for infants and young children, and through interventions to improve the quality of food along agricultural value chains.
The program in Afghanistan works closely with various ministries, UN agencies, donors, civil society and the private sector, especially in food fortification of staple foods and condiments. GAIN is also involved in and exploring highly innovative projects through the private sector to develop multi-nutrient powders for home based fortification and lipid nutrient supplements to address moderate acute malnutrition and potentially severe acute malnutrition. The program is also part of a wider Central Asian Republics regional fortification project which is focused on increasing the supply of micronutrients to the populations of the Central Asian Republics and Afghanistan through fortification of wheat flour, and fortification of vegetable oil (and other industry-processed fats).