Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education (GIHE) is a non-profit university which was founded by Dr. Sima Samar, one of the most prominent human rights activists globally, in August 2010. The institute is registered with ministry of economy and ministry of higher education of Afghanistan. Since its establishment, GIHE has been working on the empowerment of women through provision of 20% discount in tuition fees for its female students. As a result, 34% of its students are females, the highest percentage among private universities in Afghanistan.
GIHE has a distinct policy towards women and aims to increase their role in its academic life. To fulfill this goal, it has established Women Empowerment Center (WEC) in 2011. Since then, the center has made significant progress and has made the following achievements;
Recently, the institute received a grant from UN-Women through which 1200 individuals will receive a comprehensive training on CEDAW and SCR 1325. The project will be implemented in 3 zones and 8 provinces.  Six experienced and qualified trainers will conduct 2 capacity building workshops of three days for 150 beneficiaries in each province.