A.    Background
1. The MOPH is currently in the process of implementing SEHAT (System enhancement for health action in transition) project funded by IDA and ARTF which aimed to further expanding and strengthening basic and hospital services. The SEHAT project have the following components: (i) Sustaining and improving BPHS and EPHS services which include contracting-out with national and international NGOs through SEHATs in particular provinces.  .
The Translator to Assist GCMU with translation of all contracts which will be around 40 (New contracts might be added for translation)
The Translator to translate first the two Master documents, one BPHS and one EPHS contracts and then adapt the master Documents, with small changes for all other documents. The translation job to be done at least part time in door, in GCMU office. The duration of the contract will be agreed with the successful candidates, however it should not exceeds four months.