Governance Institute of Afghanistan

Technical Assistance to Kabul Medical University (KMU) and Ghazanfar Institute of Health Sciences (GIHS) Kabul aims to provide technical assistance to upgrade the nutrition curricula in the existing diplomas of health professionals & to create specific nutrition diplomas in the said academic institutions. The overall objective of the project is to build the capacity of health professionals and training institutions to address malnutrition in Afghanistan. The Project is carried out through partnership with the members of a Consortium composed of School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Conseil Santé France and Governance Institute Afghanistan.

Overall objective of the Post

The Project Assistant (PA) will contribute in achieving all the results of the project, as above, and in particular in the development of the office of the project. The PA will be supervised by the Project Manager. PA will be required to assist in preparing various reports on monthly / quarterly / annual as allocated by the Project Manager. TA will be located at the project office and supported by the local staff. Apart from the tasks and responsibilities listed the Project Manager reserves the right to assign additional tasks to the PA that will be within the scope of her/his expertise.


Support the Project Manager with the administrative tasks required for the implementation of the project. The PA ensures that all administrative tasks are performed in compliance with the existing procedures and regulations. He/She will be responsible for day to day financial issues and will keep record of expenditures and file finance related documents. He/she keeps the project manager informed about the bank and cash balance and prepares monthly financial reports. He/she assists the project manager in following the budget lines.