Group for the Environment Renewable Energy and Solidarity

GERES  (  is  a  French  NGO  working  worldwide  for  the  improvement  of  people’s  living  conditions through preservation of environment and fair and sustainable energy access. In Afghanistan, GERES has been working since 2002 in energy efficiency and rural development.


Based upon the previous Kabul energy efficiency project (2012-2015), the SWITCH project aims to strengthen the emerging Energy Saving Solutions (ESS) value chain and engage networks of stakeholders already identified and involved during the previous Kabul energy efficiency project implemented by GERES and Rural Movement Organization (RMO) from 2012-2015. ESS include technologies to upgrade energy efficiency of existing housing: gain passive solar energy (mainly through the passive solar veranda and windows enlargement), to minimize heat losses (mainly through double-glazing and house insulation), and to efficiently heat homes with improved equipment’s (mainly multifunction heating/cooking stoves). Main ESS impacts are the decrease by 30-50% of fuel consumption and improved comfort in living spaces. Specifically, the action will tackle the lack of access to finance for green consumption, with an inclusive marketing approach structuring both a producers association and the access to tailored green loans for house improvement.

GERES will work in partnership with two Afghan co-applicants, RMO and Afghanistan Microfinance Association (AMA), to build upon respective achievements and fields of expertise.