Handicap International has been present in Afghanistan since the 1980’s, initially in the refugee camps in Pakistan and later in 1996 through the establishment of a national program in Afghanistan. Its work was initially centered on anti-mine actions, particularly in the South and West regions, and physical rehabilitation via an orthopedic-fitting and rehabilitation center in Kandahar. It has since expanded the scope of its work to include support to disabled people’s organizations and the economic and social inclusion of people with disabilities, including landmines and explosive remnants of war’s survivors. Today, Handicap International Afghanistan works in the Southern (Kandahar and Helmand), Western (Herat) and Central (Kabul) regions of Afghanistan, thus covering more than half of the people with disabilities in the country. Handicap International in Afghanistan currently operates projects both through local partners and directly, these are managed by about 200 national staff in three locations, two bases (Kandahar and Herat) and Kabul main office.
HI works in the following sectors:

  • Victim Assistance
  • Disability advocacy and awareness
  • Capacity Building of Disabled People and Survivors Organisations
  • Physical rehabilitation and Educations for Physiotherapists and P&O
  • Socio-economic inclusion
  • Mine risk education / Mine Action