The National Procurement Authority has been created consequent to the vision of H.E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, for institutional reform in a bid to curb corruption and strengthen public confidence in the ability of the government to deliver services in an efficient, effective and transparent manner that will foster economic growth and equal opportunities.
It is envisioned that the NPA will be responsible for strengthening procurement policy and regulatory mechanisms, streamlining and processing procurement activities for contracts that are above threshold authority of government procuring entities, monitoring of contract implementation and resolving contract disputes. 
The NPA aims to develop the Afghanistan Procurement Strategy as a tool to support the national economy by facilitating increased Afghan private sector involvement by bringing coherence to the existing procurement mechanisms and methodologies by re-integration of the system enabling expedited procurement processing, reduced bureaucracy, improved statistical and economic data collection and analysis, effective Management Information System, procurement and contract monitoring as well as eliminating/minimizing corruption.
National Procurement Authority has initiated classification of private sector companies following the instruction of His Excellency the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in order to ensure each company’s competencies in the area of business they are investing, i.e. that they are experienced and qualified to meet the criteria for the category in which they are classified. The ultimate aim is to ensure excellence and quality control. Classification is also a measure of a Contractor’s Capacity and Competence to undertake projects. The classification of the companies will also assist the government to know the capacity building requirements.