HB Beauty Perfumes & Cosmetics Ltd

We are glad to present our company HB Beauty Perfumes & Cosmetics Ltd. as one of the largest distributors of branded fragrances and cosmetics in Afghanistan. Our company has been in the business since 1965 as chain store with two mega stores in Kabul (located at a top location in Kabul – 250 m2) and two smaller shops, acting as sole suppliers to more than 20 shops in Kabul and 25 shops in other cities of Afghanistan such as Mazare Sharif,  Herat,  Jalalabad and Kandahar.

 All the products shown are 100% Original Brand Names, Top Quality and absolutely NO imitations or knock-offs. Customer reviews will help you in finding the perfect match fragrances for you.

At HB Beauty Perfumes & Cosmetics Ltd each customer will experience a large choice of finest fragrances at the lowest prices, with outstanding customer services, Just let us know what you love because your love on getting fine fragrances is what matters to us the most.