Health Management Information System (HMIS) Department _MoPH

Afghanistan health system has made considerable progress over the period of 2002 – 2015 because of MOPH leadership, sound public health policies, innovative service delivery, careful program monitoring and evaluation, and development assistance. In 2003, the MOPH undertook a series of critical and strategic steps: it defined a Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) and later an Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS); it established contracting on a large scale with international and national NGOs for delivery of these services; and it prioritized monitoring and evaluation of health sector performance. Data from household surveys (between 2003 and 2011) show a significant improvement in the coverage of reproductive and child health services as well as a drop in maternal, infant and under-5 mortality.
The MOPH is currently in the process of implementing SEHAT (System enhancement for health action in transition) project funded by IDA and ARTF. This project has three components namely: i) Sustaining and improving Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS and Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS); ii) Building the stewardship capacity of the MOPH and system development; iii) Strengthening program management.
Further strengthening the oversight of MOPH and improving the evidence decision making require sound information system that would allow the MOPH to monitor progress on implementation of BPHS/EPHS. As part of strengthening the efficiency, accountability and transparency in the health system of Afghanistan the MoPH has designed the EMIS. This database helps health stakeholders to real time financial data, ease financial reporting to different sources and provides necessary expenditure data to decision makers.