Background to the Programme
Capacity Building for Results Facility “CBR” is an Afghan led reform and capacity building program, funded by the World Bank through Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) under the Afghan National Budget. CBR program is managed by the Ministry of Finance and IARCSC and is supervised by a Steering Committee which is composed of the Minister of Finance and the Chairman of IARCSC. The CBR aims at assisting the government in improving the capacity and performance of SELECT SQL_CACHEed line ministries in carrying out their mandates and delivering services to the Afghan people.  To help reduce the reliance on externally financed staff, CBR supports the creation of a specialized and highly qualified cadre of civil servants, with the capacity to manage critical government reforms, and ensure that critical services are sustained. Specific capacity and institution building programs will be implemented with systematic monitoring of and reporting on results. All line ministries can participate in CBR, while the level of support is based on results. Ministries fulfilling the criteria for Tier 3 and submitting a successful CBRP application will be eligible to apply for a wider range of support. This includes support (recruitment of) for the creation of a professional cadre, as well as common function and Senior Management Group which covers (grade 1 to 4 within Tashkeel posts).
Capacity Building for Results (CBR)
The CBR facility (CBR) has four interrelated components:
  1. Technical Assistance: This component comprises provision of technical assistance for preparation of Capacity Building for Results Programs (CBRP) by participating of line ministries and implementation support for approved CBRPs with quality assurance of CBRPs at both stages on relevance, results focus, constant effectiveness, realism, implementation accountability and monitoring.
  2. Building Human Capacity: This component will support the continued implementation of broad civil service reform efforts and placement of critical managerial and professional staff resources in participating line ministries.
  3. Civil Service Training: This component will fund partnerships between the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI) and reputable international institutional to (i) develop custom made public administration management training programs; (ii) deliver the training programs; (iii) develop faculty capacity at the ACSI.
  4. Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation: This component will finance (i) contract staff and operating cost of a MoF CBR Facility Project Support Unit (PSU); (ii) contract staff and operating costs of an IARCSC CBR PCU; (iii) consultancy services to assist MoF CBR Facility PSU; (iv) contracting of a firm to provide logistical support and supply services.
About the IARCSC
Having a legitimate, non-political, stable, service-oriented and accountable civil service in the framework of good governance, having the ability to use public resources more effectively and efficiently for basic services delivery, enhancement of revenues and supporting the development of the private sector for national economic and social development
Our mission is to provide leadership, strategic direction and expertise in the management of the civil service and to support the development of a strong, effective and efficient system of public administration.
The IARCSC is committed to effectively utilizing program resources to provide maximum support to the reform of civil service management in Afghanistan and to deliver quality policies, regulations and support services to line ministries.  This will contribute to the adoption and enforcement of an orderly, fair and uniform system for the administration of the state enabling it to raise revenues and deliver better public services to the Afghan people.
Through research processes, the IARCSC will ensure the promotion of excellence in the leadership and management of the civil service and in the delivery of affordable and sustainable quality services through a modern system of public administration.
Overall objectives of the Post:
The overall objective of having a project specific Complaints Handling Specialist (CHS) for CBR is to assure that complaints – including anonymous complaints – related to recruitment processes, performance appraisal, management and other discriminatory treatment are handled effectively, efficiently and with full confidentiality.