ABADE is USAID Afghanistan’s enterprise development project designed to significantly improve the lives of people in Afghanistan by supporting enterprise development and job creation by assisting SMEs to grow their businesses. ABADE will assist SMEs with additional capital, better planning, appropriate equipment and technologies, better management skills and business specific skills, innovative supporting alliances, and by facilitating a business environment conducive to SME growth. ABADE’s three components are designed to increase the productivity and investment potential of SMEs in Afghanistan and to improve Afghanistan’s business enabling environment.

The WordPress Trainer is responsible for providing training on how to Install, maintain, update, customize and other necessary steps to upload data, videos and keep them updated in WordPress. He / she will deliver the training at Ministry of Commerce and Industry MOCI, Directorate of SMEs Development or alternatively at a different location identified by ABADE Kabul. The training will not exceed 2 hours per day however follow on questions and answers should be accommodated by the trainer.

ABADE has developed a website for MOCI called Afghanenterprise.com. The website has been used to disseminate information on Strategic Sectors development and action plan development and implementation coordination. The website is maintained and updated by ABADE C3 at the time. However based on the last meeting between the the COP of ABADE  and MOCI, the website will be transferred to MOCI. In order to ensure the sustainability of the website and its proper maintenance, ABADE has also agreed to hire a trainer to train MOCI Staff for 5 days on how to maintain the website.
SMEs Development Directorate is responsible to Develop and Implement Action Plans in Strategic Economic Sectors. The Afghanenterprise.com website is a good platform for SMEs Directorate to disseminate information on the action plan implementations and keep the stakeholders updated. WordPress is used to create and manage the Afghanenterprise.com.