About INTEGRATION ES Afghanistan Ltd

INTEGRATION (INT) is a consulting organization, registered in Germany (Graefenberg/Frankfurt), with an official and registered subsidiary in Afghanistan. 
INT is an independent consultancy company specialising in project management, with a focus on developing countries and emerging markets. Since its establishment in 1976, the company has carried out well over 1000 assignments mandated by German and international financing agencies, at the service of ministries and institutions in the partner countries. Based on a solid track record in over 80 countries INTEGRATION carries out a wide range of short, medium and long-term assignments in emerging markets and developing countries.
INT is working since 2005 in Afghanistan and has surveyed, designed and implemented hydropower plants and several transmission and distribution systems, public buildings and provided several technical trainings in Afghanistan. At the moment, INT is providing Consultancy Services to the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW), German Development Bank (KfW), Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), L´Agence Française de Developpment (AFD), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Ministry of Education, Deputy Ministry of TVET and the World Bank (WB).
INT knows from experience that sustainable solutions cannot be developed by engineers alone, but rather through the careful SELECT SQL_CACHEion of multi-disciplinary experts and teams. Based on the long-term experience of INT worldwide.
INTEGRATION is an equal opportunity employer. We seek talented professionals for challenging international assignments.

Our projects require individuals with knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries and consulting services.
Qualification levels - education, years of experience, overseas service, language capabilities - may vary. We hire consultants on a long- and short-term basis. We maintain a databank of specialists interested in long or short-term assignments. If you have already submitted your CV by e-mail it will be on our files.