A newly established AgroIndust Inc (AI). Inc is a member company of Investrone Corp. Inc (ICI), AI is a long term visionary approach, will be a well established by latest technology and a multi disciplinary functional company in agriculture field. AI is an Agribusiness focused infrastructure and our scope of work is confined and focused into two main agricultural activities
Product level 
Objective 1: Horticulture value chain: Processing of Fresh fruit, Dry fruit, Vegetable processing and storage and Manufacturing of Juice, Jame, Pickle and Cereals. 
Objective 2: Livestock: Establishing of Poultry Cattle and Fishery, Livestock, 
Objective 3. Farms: Import and Export: Ag seasonal and demanded product
Service Providing Level:
Objective 4:Logistical supply - Importing of Veterinary medicine, Ag. Equipment/Machinery and commodities 
Objective 5: Consulting Services for enabling professional agribusiness capacity building
For further info please visit www.agroindust.com & www.investonecorps.com