Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: Ministry of Rural..

I.                    The MRRD Mandate Role in Rural Development:
The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) was established to develop and implement programs promoting responsible social and financial growth in rural areas, primarily in the non-farm sector. It has employees in all 34 Provinces of Afghanistan, and delivers a wide range of programs funded both by the Ministry itself and the International Community.
MRRD aims to reduce poverty amongst the approximately 80% of Afghans who live in rural areas by implementing a made-in-Afghanistan “Pro-Poor” growth strategy which calls upon the government and civil society to address the macro economic constraints, the small size of the formal private sector, and the realities of rural poverty in order to implement realistic poverty reduction and development strategies.
MRRD, given its wide reach across rural communities in Afghanistan, has been requested by the President’s Office to contribute towards agricultural development and to collaborate with other relevant line ministries to realize the government’s vision of an agricultural transformation that leads to greater food security and decreases the reliance of imported food.  MRRD will also be one of the ministries to deliver (providing one or more services) the Citizen Charter and to assist the CDCs to coordinate the ‘basic services packages’ at the grass-roots level to ensure that the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of rural society will receive services.