Javed Afghan Group of Company is formed as a unique domestic Agro Machinery Manufacturing firm. It was established in 1993 and registered under legal license No.D-21648 with AISA (Afghanistan Investment support agency) in 2004 .Its principle products are Agriculture Equipment, Steel mill.
JA is Partnership Company of Haji Toor and Haji Ayoub both are the founders and have extensive experience in the Manufacturing of agro machinery. The company's management team consists of people with broad backgrounds in manufacturing .Over some years of being involved with the manufacturing of agro machinery, and keeping Afghanistan current situation in view, the company owners have seen a need for promotion of this business and its products have improve images in customer minds and has extensive increased its market shared in the past few years. The company is well equipped with all essential resources like physical, human and to some extent financial resources for working capital.
The overall industry of agro machinery is a growing industry in Afghanistan there is no special barriers to interrupt smooth operation of business .There is strong potential for promotion in this industry for agro machinery in consideration of the extensive investment in agriculture sector by international community in the past several years and the current and potential future interventions going on this important sector.
The factory produces its different agricultural equipment in different seasons of the year. It produce wheat threshers before the wheat harvest starts, rice thresher before rice harvest seasons, corn threshers before the corn cutting season and etc.
Current market of Agro equipment is not fully saturated. The company sales volume increases each year in reasonable amount. The company so for captured 50 % of market share in some provinces of Afghanistan and after the expansion of existing operation, JA will capture all national market in near future.