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PACT Communications is a radio production company, registered with AISA and based in Jalalabad. In keeping with its motto, PACT programmes seek to find ‘traditional solutions to modern problems’, through the medium of radio drama - ‘storytelling in a contemporary context’ - and needs-based radio reporting. PACT programmes include a day-to-day Pashto radio soap opera entitled Da Pulay Poray https://www.facebook.com/dapulayporaydrama and a sister programme of reports, focussing on the themes covered in the radio drama. These programmes are broadcast on the airwaves of Arakozia FM. The themes covered in PACT programmes include issues such as grassroots democracy, peace building, women’s inheritance issues, protection, humanitarian and development assistance, human rights, international humanitarian law, environmental care, immunisation and other issues relating to the current situation in Afghanistan.


PACT receives funding from a wide range of clients on a thematic basis. For example one client may cover topics relating to humanitarian access, while another covers individual protection, hygiene, sanitation, widows rights, immunisation and other such themes. PACT Communications has a streamlined staff, including drama writers and reporters, a logistics and procurement manager.