The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has already completed Phase I of the Kabul Urban Roads Improvement Project (KURIP). The Project was financed from funds made available through the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) that is administered by the World Bank (IDA).  Kabul Municipality (KM) was entrusted with the implementation of the Project.  
The Objective of KURIP Phase I was to rehabilitate the priority urban roads within Kabul City with the aim of improving transport service, reduce travel time and environmental impacts, and enhance road safety.  The Phase I Project became effective on February 25th 2009 and was completed on 31 December 2011.
Kabul Municipality, with the agreement of International Development Association (IDA), has already launched Phase II of the project with similar objectives but at a larger scale under the name of “Kabul Urban Transport Efficiency Improvement (KUTEI) Project”.  The project is under the implementation stage and the civil works is in progress.
A design consultant has prepared the detailed engineering designs for the 32 km urban road planned for rehabilitation under KUTEI Project. The design consultant has also developed an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the project roads. Obstructions that need to be removed for the construction works were also identified.  The consultant has also conducted an ESIA for the Wazir-Abad canal,
One of the main objectives of the Project is to implement the construction with minimum adverse social and environmental impacts and where there are negatively affected people to assess entitlements based on the approved Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) which is an integral part of ESMF and make compensations.
Therefore, there is need to review the ESMP prepared during the design phase, prepare site specific ESMP for each of the Lots and update the list of obstructions.. The safeguards expert is also required to review and update ESIA study for the Wazir Abad canal, including preparation of site-specific ESMP. Some of the road segments are expected to involve minor land/asset acquisition, the consultant is required to prepare Abbreviated Resettlement action Plans (Abb. RAP).
Now, Kabul Municipality intends to recruit a qualified and capable “Environmental & Social Safeguard Expert” to form part of the KUTEI PMU Team and that would be responsible for environmental and social safeguards.