The Kabul Municipality is responsible for implementing Kabul Urban Transport Efficiency Improvement Project (KUTEI) on behalf of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The primary focus of the KUTEI is to improve road conditions and traffic flows in selected corridors of Kabul City.

The project is being financed by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, administered by the World Bank. The Project Management Unit (PMU) under the supervision of the Technical Deputy Mayor has been setup at the Kabul Municipality (KM) to implement and administer the Project.

The KUTEI Project is under the implementation stage which consist of three main components:

Improvement of about 32 km of roads that include the rehabilitation of road surfaces, pedestrian walkways, installation of street lights, implementation of road safety and traffic control measures, and rehabilitation of roadside drains.
Capacity Building and Technical Assistance to increase the overall capacity of KM to provide improved delivery of transport services. This includes (i) TA for priority interventions for city center accessibility, including detailed designs, (ii) Public Transport Feasibility studies for two potential corridors, (iii) Review and design of 40 km of new roads.
Project Management Support that aims to establish a foundation for KM to ensure that KM has adequate institutional capacity to implement the project and achieve the PDO.