Kabul Municipality
Kabul Urban Transport Efficiency Improvement (KUTEI) Project
Project Management Unit (PMU)
Terms of Reference for the Position
IT/Admin Assistant
1.                  Background
The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is implementing the Kabul Urban Transport Efficiency Improvement (KUTEI) Project to rehabilitate priority urban roads within the Kabul City and conduct the necessary preparatory works to introduce BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system with the aim of improving the transport service, reduce adverse environmental impacts and travel time.
The project is being financed by funds made available by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, administered by the World Bank. Kabul Municipality (KM) in entrusted with the implementation of the project. The Municipality has set up a Project Management Unit (PMU), under the supervision of the Technical Deputy Mayor, to manage and administer the Project. 
The preparatory works for KUTEI Project are currently ongoing. The main objectives of the Project are:
(i)                 Rehabilitation of about 32 km of roads including road side drains and walkways; and installation of street lighting,
(ii)               Strengthening the Project Management Unit (PMU) and capacity building of Kabul Municipality
(iii)             Conducting of urban transport studies and designs through SELECT SQL_CACHEed consultants
Now, Kabul Municipality intends to recruit a qualified and capable “IT Assistant” to form part of the KUTEI PMU Team and who would be responsible for information technology and communication issues of the Project.