85% of the population in Afghanistan (25 millions) live in rural areas and, excluded opium, Agriculture contribute to 50% of the GNP. Livestock sector is (i) a widespread agricultural activity in Afghanistan which relies on different species with natural comparative advantages (ii) an important cash income generator for rural families and (iii) a unique high-quality of food provider – dairy and fishery products.
Apiculture is a widespread agricultural activity in Afghanistan which does not require land ownership. With beekeeping, it is possible to get income from non cultivate areas. Its development will benefit to agriculture production (fruits, vegetables, oil seeds, forage plants seeds). Women can also carry on this activity which is a good cash income for families.
The vision of Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and livestock is, to restore Afghanistan’s licit agricultural economy through increasing production and productivity, Natural resource management, improved physical infrastructure and Market development.
Beekeeping and Animal Husbandry Development Projects (BAHDP) aretwo development programs of the government of Afghanistan funded by AFD (AgenceFrançaise de Development) which has been approved on 12 October 2011.