Making Budget and Aid Works Project/MoF

The Budget Department within the Ministry of Finance (MoF) is responsible for the preparation of the national budget and for monitoring and reporting on its implementation.
The national budget activities, at present, are largely donor/aid co-ordination function with considerable liaison and involvement of international partners. The budget is used as a major co-ordination mechanism of the Government through which it consults, agrees and articulates to all national and international stakeholders the expenditure programmes and priorities of the Government for the year ahead. The National Budget is also the primary instrument for the Government to allocate and manage its financial resources (both internal and external revenues) in a balanced, transparent and accountable manner within a short to medium term framework.


The Budget Team is composed of Directorate General Budget, Budget Execution Sectors, Budget Policy, Coordination & Reporting Unit, Provincial Budgeting Unit, Program Budgeting Unit and Aid Management Directorate. In addition, the Project Management, Office Management and IT Units provide administrative support to the Budget Department including plan development trainings and office and logistics management.  The Project Management, Office Management and IT Unit also coordinate and implement a public information strategy on the National Budget and develop mechanisms to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the delivery of Budget Department’s products and services to key stakeholders and clients.
Short Description about the current information systems within the Budget Department :
General Budget Directorate has its own information systems; a web page, social media and a network system is used to achieve its objectives and goals.
State Budget Planning System (SBPS): this is  system is used for the preparation ,planning and execution of national Budget of GoIRA and is the single source of registering, reporting and analyzing all budgetary information of the national budget.
Donor Assistance Database (DAD): this is a basic database reflects donors’ assistance to Afghanistan including loans or grants. It provides basis for donors as well as government of Afghanistan to analyze and evaluate donors’ assistance to Afghanistan.
General Budget Directorate has its own website, used for dissemination of all budget reports and information, and for coordination of donors’ assistance. The key users of the website include governmental organizations, international community, United Nations, mass media and people of Afghanistan.
Directorate General Budget has furnished all employees working within the budget department with network services to boost work efficiency. This network has a separate server room equipped and installed with state of the art hardware, software and database.