Malika and Refa Solutions is a group of local companies registered with AISA conduct business in Afghanistan focusing on environmental, agriculture, construction and logistic work.  Its goal is to improve the environmental conditions of Afghanistan as well as provide economic opportunities to the neediest.

  1. Responsible for overall controlling of the composting site, Assigning tasks to labors, Manage, organize and take responsibility for all Labor requirements for Composting.
  2. Plan and supervise all research and testing functions required to assess composting methods and opportunities, so the data recovered is useful for decision making
  3. Plan for future compost capital asset additions required to meet the operating and growth goals of the firm.
  4. Oversee and Manager Vendor Relationships of raw materials for Compost.
  5. Work with the Head Grower to troubleshoot any issues with Raw Martials, Production that may generate in the Compost.