Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation & Livestock (MAIL)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) is one of the sectorial ministries of the Afghan government. Following almost three decades of turmoil, war, drought and a significant increase in opium production, MAIL’s current mandate is to restore Afghanistan’s licit agricultural economy by assisting farmers, both men and women, to increase production and productivity[1]; to manage and protect Afghanistan’s natural resource base for facilitating sustainable growth; to improve rural agricultural infrastructure and irrigation systems; to expand agricultural markets and develop human resource capacity. Overall goal is to reduce poverty throughout Afghanistan and assure food security for all. Accordingly, renewed direction for agriculture growth is anchored in increased productivity and focusing on agricultural products that have comparative advantages through appropriate value chain approaches.
Overall Purpose of the Position:
Director, DAIL will be responsible for overall management and leadership of the activities of the provincial directorate of respective provinces ( Kunar and Kunduz ) ensure adherence to the NADF Implementation Principles[2] for all mentioned provinces -DAIL activities and contribute to and support the continued development of the policy framework for the sector, re-definition of MAIL’s mandates and their implementation. The position requires the individual to have regular travels to the districts for assessing, supervising, guiding implementation of MAIL’s programs and DAIL activities in the domain of agriculture, livestock and irrigation. The outcome/impact of those activities should be clearly mentioned in the reports to be submitted after each trip. Besides, these reports should also include narrative of the trip, details of activities carried out in the districts including specific location, timelines for completion/implementation or any other relevant quantitative data pertaining to project/activities.
This position is being recruited as part of MAIL’s Capacity Building for Results reform program. The CBR program is an ambitious, whole of ministry reform effort which aims to improve significantly the delivery of MAIL’s mandate, through institutional strengthening and capacity building.
Staff recruited through the CBR program are expected to be reform orientated, proactive and engaged to enable the ministry to better deliver its mandate. They will need to be results focused and prepared to lead the efforts of the ministry to meet its CBR targets. As part of the CBR program, CBR recruits will have specialized training and capacity building opportunities.

[1]The National Agricultural Development Framework (NADF) places the Ministry in charge of policy and strategy and the legal and regulatory framework, and makes MAIL the key decision-making and supervisory body for the agriculture sector. This clarification releases MAIL from its former role as main implementing party in the sector.
[2] Demand-driven; Inclusive; Environmentally Sustainable; Integration/Coordination