Ministry of Labour Social Affaris Martyrs and Disables

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) has laid out its vision of reforms in the social protection sector in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) – both in the Pensions and Safety-Net areas. In pensions, the main objective is to ensure fiscal sustainability and mitigate fiscal impact of the Pay and Grading reform on the Pension program, making it consistent with the broader public sector reform agenda. The strategy also recognizes that it is critically important to develop fiscally sound and well-targeted social protection interventions, including Pension system, Safety Nets for improving the poverty outcomes in the country.
With this background, MoLSAMD will pilot a safety net programme for one district in Balkh. The purpose of piloting a social safety net program to support child outcomes, intended to serve as a first step to develop a sustainable approach to safety nets in Afghanistan. Beginning of October 2015, MoLSAMD will being the operational activity of piloting a cash transfer in Charkent District of Mazar Province to support poor families with children equal to or below 10 years of age. Villagers enrolled in the scheme will receive 2 cash transfers during a period of 1 year in order to access and consume health and education services and smooth food consumption. The pilot is implemented through a series of processes starting with the targeting of the intended population group, enrollment of eligible families and payments to beneficiary families. 
Considering the above, the MoLSAMD seeks to hire a competent, highly motivated, and energetic individual to fill the position of Procurement Officer. She/he would be fully responsible to execute the procurement activities of the pilot programme. The Procurement Officer (PO) would remain responsible for transparent implementation of procurement strategies in the project, effective delivery of procurement services and management and work closely with the procurement unit. He/she analyses, interprets and applies procurement policies, rules and regulations, establishes internal procedures and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of complex procurement issues.
Under the overall guidance of MoLSAMD, the Procurement Officer will support and be responsible for the management of the project’s effective procurement delivery of procurement services in order to obtain the best value for money with large procurement volume. The Procurement Officer manages the project procurement and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of complex issues related to procurement.

  1. Project Support Team (PST)
The PST, working under the supervision of MoLSAMD and in close coordination with UNICEF will responsible for the coordination of the pilot project processes and the supervision of field activities. The PST’s counterpart within the Ministry is the Poor Families Unit situated under the Directorate of Social Protection.
The PST consists of the following actors: (i) Safety net manager; (ii) District Safety Net Officer; (iii) District Finance Officer; (iv) Project Assistant (v) six social mobilisers based in Charkent and vi) Procurement officer;