The MoMP is supporting national and local economic development, and is an enabler of the mining sector’s development and steward of all mineral and hydrocarbon reserves .
Job Overall Objective:
The Director of SOEs is responsible to develop and implement a communication strategy for consolidating the reliability of MOMP with foreign colleagues and the stakeholders nationally and internationally, build working relation with the private sector for investing in the relevant enterprises in accordance with the laws and regulations, enterprise reform, controlling and technical financial investigation of institutions processing construction materials, chemical materials, natural gas and coal in order to technically restructuring and renewing of the enterprises to the new system. Performing of operational activities and programs based on a given unit to a coordinated and specific system by the laws and regulations carry out operational activities and programs in-line with organization strategy and the activities of MOMP in relation to the development of programs and promotion of investment.
CBR Objective:
CBR is a significant program of the Government of Afghanistan, which aims to develop capacities within Ministries through amendments to organizational structures and other Capacity Building Programs. Those individuals who are recruited through CBR are expected to possess extraordinary capacity to assist in bringing reforms within this Ministry, services to the people of Afghanistan. The occupant of this position is required to be focused on work results and provide required assistance to achieve CBR objectives within the Ministry. Specialized capacity building programs are provided to those individuals who are recruited as CBR cadre personnel.