Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP)
The MoMP is supporting national and local economic development, and is an enabler of the mining sector’s development and steward of all mineral and hydrocarbon reserves .
Overall Objective:
The occupant of this position is responsible for development and implementation of relevant strategies at national and local levels, overall assessment of mine sites in the relevant province, and provision of detailed reports to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.
  • Identify and collect mining resources according to laws and existing procedures.
  • Provide relevant services to extraction sectors in the relevant province, according to the mining law.
  • Collect data of production and extraction of mines for payment of royalties and collection of surface rent.
  • supervise the implementation of all types of licenses in the relevant province according to mining regulations.
CBR Objective
CBR is a significant program of the Government of Afghanistan, which aims to develop capacities within Ministries through amendments to organizational structures and other Capacity Building Programs. Those individuals who are recruited through CBR are expected to possess extraordinary capacity to assist in bringing reforms within this Ministry, services to the people of Afghanistan. The occupant of this position is required to be focused on work results and provide required assistance to achieve CBR objectives within the Ministry. Specialized capacity building programs are provided to those individuals who are recruited as CBR cadre personnel.