Ministry of Urban Development Affairs

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قابل توجه!
برای ارسال درخواستی های خویش برای این پست لطفا صرف اسم پست و یا کود آنرا در قسمت بالا (سبجکت لاین) ایمل خود نوشته و ارسال بدارید در غیر آن درخواستی شما بشکل اتومات رد میگردد.

During three decades of war in Afghanistan the urbanization process was stagnated and all urban potential were deposited without any utilization. Since 2001, when the political changes took place, all the urban related resources were deployed to accelerate the urbanization process in the country. This is why the urbanization growth rate was speed up and reached the country to the fifth position in world.
The overall issues and challenges in the urban sectors requires strong step forward and actions and all issues need to be documented and rationalized through academic and methodological research and studies for further goals oriented and policy.
MUDA is responsible for responding the issues of urban policies, urban planning, housing, monitoring as well as need high potential experts to build the capacity of technical staffs to put the basis of urban researches for planning and policy recommendations.
The capacity building training programs which are required under this project inclusive of urban studies and research, urban traffic and transportation planning, urban landscape, urban design, urban and regional planning, urban environmental planning, urban economy, housing and community planning, urban statutory planning, construction and monitoring as well as other urban fields.