The Ministry of Public Health is committed to providing high quality healthcare services to Afghans. Considering the increasing incidence of various types of cancers among Afghans and non-existence of a comprehensive cancer centre, MoPH decided to deliver cancer healthcare services to cancer patients through establishing a cancer department. Based on WHO estimates, nearly 20,000 Afghans suffer from various types of cancers each year while more than 15,000 die every year. The most common types of cancers are that of breast, oesophagus, stomach, lip/oral, cervical and lung.
The newly established 20-bed cancer department currently located in Jumhuriat hospital has surgical and medical oncology units providing diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative care services for cancer patients. In addition, it has an outpatient department (OPD) unit as well.
Purpose of assignment
The objective of assignment the finance and procurement officer is to strengthen hospitals CD on successful EPHS implementation and good patient safety service.  Enhance and build the capacity of CD department in selected hospitals by transparency, maintaining supportive supervision in order to improve quality of CD services.