Afghanistan is ranked low epidemic country but faces a high risk of HIV/AIDS epidemic. There is little awareness about HIV and AIDS in the general population, policy makers local influencer and most at risk groups. The epidemic is currently concentrated among KAPs spicily in PWIDs. The high risk practices include injecting drug use and unsafe sex. These practices are associated with stigma. The National HIV/AIDS Control program (NACP) was established in the MOPH in 2003, to coordinate the response to HIV.  In 2006, the National HIV/AIDS Strategic framework ( NSF-I) for 2006-2010 was formulated, and revised in 2011(NSF-II 2011-2015).
In 2015 National Strategic Plan (NSP-III 2016-2020) is formulated which has a clear vision ,  goal, objectives and activities. In order to implement this strategy and its related M & E plan  national consultant are being recruited to assist the NACP in the implementation of the strategy and  M & E plan with in following  responsibility, and scope of work.