The Ministry of Public Health is committed to provide forensic medicine services through Forensic Medicine Directorate (FMD) at central level and through its provincial units in provinces mainly through detection and prosecution departments as well as courts.
The services delivered comprise ante mortem and post mortem examinations, forensic laboratories investigations (testing) and morgue services.
Although the developments in building the forensic capacity of the FMD since the establishment of the interim government is remarkable, still it needs a lot of work to enhance the capacity of its forensic laboratories to obtain accurate and real time results using modern and updated lab technology/methods instead of outdated ones to provide evidence based comprehensive reports to contribute in establishment of social justice. 
The objective of assignment of the Forensic Labs Consultant is to activate, upgrade, and consult on capacity building of the FMD forensic laboratories.
Job Summary:
Responsibilities of Forensic Labs Consultant is but not limited to activation, standardization, upgrading of Forensic Labs of FMD (Forensic Molecular Biology, Toxicology, Serology, Histopathology, Microbiology), Developing Safety & Security, QA/QC plans, Protocols for conduction of forensic lab testing in joint cooperation with FMD.