In 2002 the Belgian organization “Moeders voor Vrede” came to Afghanistan to become actively            
Involved in the improvement of the life of Afghan women. They were supported by their French counterpart, “Mères pour la Paix” and together they created “Mothers for Peace– Afghanistan (MFP)”.
In 2003, MFP has opened the “Women’s House of Istalif”, a haven for Afghan women.
The Women’s House of Istalif has a goal to empower the local women. Through education, vocational training and health care, MFP gives them the tools needed for their own and their community’s development. Since 2005 MFP decided to work also beyond the walls of the Women’s Centre in order to be directly visible within the community. The Women’s House of Istalif works closely together with the community, the local authorities and the religious leaders. These close relationships are cherished and enhanced, because it is obvious that without the commitment of these players, MFP could never succeed in reaching its goals.
Since 2007 MFP has integrated different projects: at the request of the local people, men also became involved in working with MFP, through especially designed projects, such as literacy courses, English courses, agriculture vocational training and tailoring courses. In addition to all the above-mentioned programs, in 2008, MFP implemented a honey bee keeping project especially for men, which in 2009 was for both women and men. Together with the local community and the Afghan authorities, After seven years experience with success according the needs and demand of the people in 2010 MFP has decided to expand the projects to the other regions such as (Kapisa province, Bamyan Province, Shakardara District and Dasht-e-Barchi) in each region we have different projects regarding the needs of the people and environment.