Muslim English Language Institute has the outstanding rank among private institutions of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in order to render services for the people of Afghanistan. Muslim English Language Institute, for the achieving of its valuable goals and Objectives, would like to recruit employees through open competition and merit based SELECT SQL_CACHEion, consequently to enhance the capacity of people, develop the current English skills, and play the effective professional role in the academic environment.Translator. 
MELP seeks to be self sustainable, striving to create and manage projects which generate own incomes and reduce dependence on donors. MELP believes in creativity as the engine of change for Afghanistan. MELP teaching environment aims to be dynamic and professional. Great attention and care is given to providing a quality, positive and professional teaching environment to all staff. The dignity of the staff is of utmost concern for the organization as is their professional development. To date, great attention and investment has been given to professional and organizational capacity building, made possible in large extent.