National Procurement Authority has been established pursuant to the decree no. 16 dated 20/07/1393 within the structure of the Administrative Office of the President. Subsequently decree no. 60 dated 21/11/1393 and decree no. 72 dated 13/12/1393 have been issued to merge some parallel structures into NPA. National Procurement Authority would look after contracts, which are vital to economic development of Afghanistan. In addition, it will look after the policies and procedures to strengthen the procurement system and start e-procurement, one of the widely used procurement systems around the world, in Afghanistan. This department with cooperation of other entities would enhance budget execution, ensuring efficiency in procurement system.
Therefore, the main purposes of this directorate are to curb corruption, increase efficiency, enhance contract management, improve budget execution and deliver internationally acceptable procurement services to the Afghan community in provision of goods, works, and consultancy and non-consultancy services. Likewise, to expedite, increase efficiency and effectiveness in procurement process and via which improve economy of Afghanistan. This directorate will look after all the procurement issues beyond a certain threshold. One of the most important ingredients of this directorate would be recruitment of professional and honest procurement employees for different levels and various capacities. More importantly the employees should be highly integrated and hardworking in their capacities and always try to bring efficiency and learn new things by facing the challenges in their tasks.