The National Procurement Authority has been created consequent to the vision of H.E. the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for institutional reform in a bid to curb corruption and strengthen public confidence in the ability of the government to deliver services in an efficient, effective and transparent manner that will foster economic growth and equal opportunities.
As part of the ongoing system reforms by the present Afghanistan Government, National Procurement Authority (NPA) has been established to act as the apex procurement organization to formulate policies related to public procurement and to regulate the public procurement function in the entire nation. The NPA will oversee and facilitate all national procurement (goods, works and services) above a certain threshold and which are vital to economic development of Afghanistan. In addition, it will look after the policies and procedures to strengthen the procurement system and start e-procurement in Afghanistan, to bring about a completely transparent public procurement system. Other objectives of NPA are to enhance budget execution, ensuring efficiency in public procurement system, recruitment of professional and honest procurement civil servants at different levels and various capacities.
Procurement Policy Directorate (PPD) within NPA is mandated to establish a sound legal and policy framework for procurement across government, undertake capacity evaluation and capacity development initiatives for PEs, provide policy clarifications for PEs and bidders as requested, and lead NPAs in efforts in debarment and administrative review areas.
In order to satisfactorily meet its procurement planning needs, the NPA requires highly experienced and competent national Procurement Planning Specialist, to formulate and implement effective procurement planning methods.