New Way Social and Development Organization (NSDO)

New Way Social and Development Organization (NSDO) is a none-governmental, none-profit and non-political organization operating ever since 2011 in civic educational, educational, agricultural, legal, health, electoral reform, public awareness, environment protection and other relative fields of activities for the community people in the north-eastern zone. Within its lifespan, NSDO’s profile is replete with so many success stories and has achieved a high-profile status among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and NSDO has evolved from a small provincial organization to a prominent organization that has expanded its branches to large number of provinces. NSDO has implemented a large number of projects in the north-eastern zone among which one can refer to Sustainable Economic Development and Employment Program (SEDEP) program within which NSDO operates in four nuts, wheat, poultry and dairy value chains that provides agricultural, livestock, dairy and poultry services to farmers in their respective fields donated by GIZ/GFA-SEDEP and Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP) funded by Counterpart International conducting providing civic educational and advocacy services for the community people in Kunduz Province.