North Telecom is one of the very few companies that provide World-class Communication Networking Satellite-Related Services, Internet Access Solutions and Satellite Media Broadcasting. That is why we are the preferred Communication Networking Technology Service Provider in the world. North Telecom offers services directed toward many range of clients from ISPs, Telecom Company, broadcasting, VSAT and Wireless Company and any systems ask for fixed or mobile satellite solution. We are providing our services over various satellites/platforms, functioning dependently under a valid License Number (D-49763) issued by AISA by the name of North Telecom ISP & ICT Services Company The Company has professional and technical staff in various fields such as surveying, analysing, budget estimation, project management, precise reporting and documentation, data related issues, and training covering various areas as mentioned above North Telecom has a great partnership with most of main player in the satellite industry, Along with 12 years experience we are offering many added value services to our partner/customer in all over the world, 24/7 hour Network Operation Center and four different geographical locations almost in all continent given too many flexibility to our valued customers. Our experts keeping eyes on your business once you are resting.
“Our V-SAT Satellite and Wireless MikroTik Internet Services offer clients an effective and competitive solution that is faster to deploy, stable and comes with Full bandwidth to the global internet. Our backbone platform allows us to securely port other services on the same wireless link to your premises. The service is design just to satisfy your digital experience.”