Obaidullah Ibrahimi International Group (Oii Group)

Obaidullah Ibrahimi International Group (Oii Group) is a leading company in provision of technical and administrative support services in Afghanistan since 2006. The company has been registered with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan under the license number D-27505. The Company also holds a number of business licenses from Afghanistan Government related institutions and international authorized offices to carry out public support initiatives with full consideration of existing laws.


Oii Group offers a wide range of management & administrative services, supply & logistic services and lastly counseling & legal services. The company gained vast experiences in providing solution-based technical support in its fields of expertise even under very critical conditions to the government entities, international aid agencies, national and international NGOs and private sectors. Oii Group offers prompt, customized and reliable services by dedicated professional teams and with collaborations of strategic partners at national and international level.