Organization for Economic Development of Afghanistan (OEDA) is an Independent, Non-Governmental, Non-Political, and Non-Profit organization. OEDA is headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan with its regional offices in Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, and Kandahar. OEDA is registered with the Ministry of Economy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and holding registration number (3176). OEDA’s main objectives are to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable Afghans and bring positive changes to their lives. OEDA seeks to contribute to creation of a developed and sustainable economy in Afghanistan. OEDA has recently been assigned by GIZ, Afghanistan under the Reform of Vocational Education Program in Afghanistan to conduct a research on national basis in the Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Sector, Specifically on Formal Economy, Staff recruitment and qualification strategies across Afghanistan.  

Project Background:

About 90% of the companies in Afghanistan belong to the informal and just 10% to the formal sector of the afghan economy. The program still lacks information about the formal sector in order to get a picture about staff recruitment and qualification processes. It is unknown, whether and if so to which extend companies in the formal sector qualify youngsters in an apprenticeship system like small companies in the bazaars are doing. Bazars are the underestimated and not well researched part of the Afghan economy. There the program needs the above described kind of information as to reflect the qualification demands and qualification strategies of companies from the formal sector

OEDA is a young Organization with a team of young and talented economists and management professionals. OEDA is looking for young, motivated, energetic and committed Afghans, who has belief on his/her ability and would like to grow both professionally and technically.