Omaid Bahar with more than a hundred years of domestic and international experience has taken a great action towards the country’s economic development by supporting the farmers and purchasing their fruit products and establishing a fruit processing factory in Kabul.
This factory has acquired ISO 22000 and HACCP international standard certificates and is equipped with the most modern fruit processing technology imported from Italy and Sweden.
OmaidBahar’s main objective is supporting the farmers by purchasing their products, standardizing the products by mechanization of agriculture; improve their knowledge by holding seminars and trainings, production and supply of the highest quality juices and dairy products in a wider perspective improving the country’s economic development and prosperity of Afghans.
OmaidBahar is the first fresh fruit processing company in Afghanistan and annually produces more than 40 thousand tons of fresh juice from fresh fruits purchased directly from more than thirty five thousand farmers and several provinces because most of the farmers have problem transporting and selling their products