Organization of Fast Relief and Development (OFRD)

Organization of Fast Relief & Development (OFRD) is an independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization working to help and rebuild Afghanistan after decades of war and destruction. OFRD provides humanitarian assistance to crises and natural disasters affected people and refugees/internally displaced persons (IDPs). We cooperate and work closely with the civil society and other international development agencies in Afghanistan to works for reconstruction and development in Afghanistan by conducting development cooperation and supporting capacity development. Today OFRD is an organized, an independent, humanitarian non-governmental organization officially registered with “NGO’s department” Ministry of Economy of Government of Afghanistan. 

OFRD has recently been awarded a small project by International Organization for Migration under a community cohesion initiatives (CCI) project. The purpose of this project is to reduce to risk to peoples’ life and assets in the mentioned districts against the current vulnerability and any future disasters, there are many preparedness measures out of training is considered to be the highly affective one. Through building the coping capacity of people as first responders to disasters will reduce the impact of disaster and will help recover faster.