Who we are?

Oxfam has been involved in Afghanistan since 1961-‘62, with an in country presence since 1990. Oxfam initially started supporting partner organisations and from 1990 Oxfam worked with partners and also implemented emergency relief and development activities directly, including WASH agriculture, livelihoods, governance, gender, and Oxfam has always played a key role in advocacy and campaigning. Oxfam is a global leading aid, development, and campaigning charity with a worldwide reputation for excellence with over 70 years of experience within about 90 countries.

Project background information:

The Building Resilient Livelihoods (BRL) programme works directly with community producers and enterprises and in partnership with key stakeholders (Government, Afghan local and international NGOs and UN organizations) to improve household income from sales of almonds and dairy products through: increasing access to markets and establishing social enterprises; increasing nutrition stuff from almonds and dairy products; improving natural resource management system; Increasing income generation opportunities and resilience for the most vulnerable households. This project works with 20 communities in Nili and Sharistan districts of Daikundi province.

The overall goal of the programme is to increase and broaden income and livelihoods assets for households in target communities that will enable them to create a buffer in case of shocks and slow onset changes to their livelihoods system, increase their well-being, and invest in adaptation strategies.