The Government of Afghanistan has laid out its vision of reforms in the social protection sector in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) – both in the Pensions and Safety-Net areas. In pensions, the main objective is to ensure fiscal sustainability and mitigate fiscal impact of the Pay and Grading reform on the Pension program, making it consistent with the broader public sector reform agenda. The strategy also recognizes that it is critically important to develop fiscally sound and well-targeted social protection interventions, including Pension system, Safety Nets for improving the poverty outcomes in the country. MoLSAMD intends to introduce a National Social Safety-Net program in line with the Social Protection Sector Strategy (SPSS) of the ANDS.
Towards this objective, the World Bank (WB) has provided an IDA grant, to support implementation of a project “Safety Nets and Pensions Support Project (SNPSP)”. The process of developing and implementing the project is led by MOLSAMD. The broad activity of the SNPSP project includes (i) Systems and institutions building for the new pension system, (ii) Social Protection policy design and analysis and (iii) Capacity Enhancement. The project was initiated in early 2010 and is anticipated to be implemented over a four year period. The SNPS, Project Support Team (PST) is responsible for formulating and implementing activities under the project.
Considering the above, the MoLSAMD seeks to hire a competent, highly motivated, and energetic individual to fill the position for Safety Net Team Leader under Safety net component of the SNPS project to lead the work on management, administration, and implementation of the Safety Net program. The Safety Net Team Leader would work with a safety net team, besides coordinating with the Administration, Procurement & Finance teams in the PST, MoLSAMD and capacity development under the overall supervision of General Project Manager. 
The purpose of the assignment is to serve as Safety Net Team Leader working on coordination of Safety Net project activities. Under the overall guidance of General Project Manager, the Safety Net Team Leader is therefore responsible for management of the Safety Net project services.
The Safety Net Team Leader works in close collaboration with the project management team as well as  project staff, Procurement, Finance, HR, Admin and MIS teams in the project and government officials to successfully deliver the project activities.
It is expected that the Safety Net Team Leader will provide Policy, Operational, Administrative, Procurement, Financial and Logistical support to the Safety Net team in PST, MoLSAMD for the Safety Net Program implementation, program coordination, and the improvement of institutional governance.  Under the guidance of the General Project Manager, Safety Net Team Leader will in particular do the following: