Rural Movement Organization (RMO) is an Afghan NGO with Head Quarters (HQ) in Kabul.

RMO is an Afghan, humanitarian organization that supports sustainable development in Afghanistan through the ability of local communities to decide about and manage their own development process. Activities are implemented in cooperation with civil society organizations, the private sector and governmental institutions with a particular emphasis on poverty eradication and rural communities.

Based on long experience and acquired skills, RMO continue to work in the field of Agricultural Development, Livelihoods and Food Security, Energy Efficiency in housing and Vocational Training, Civil Society, Literacy & Education, Humanitarian Emergency Aid.


Project Overview:

Scaling up green homes in Kabul towards sustainable energy consumption and low emission development project, Focused on energy-saving market fostering – including value chain creation and strengthening of supply chains – the project in Kabul Province specifically aims at the dissemination of Passive Solar Houses through market mechanism, training and support to micro-enterprises, in order to improve private housing and living conditions of the populations during winter. At the same time, the development of PSH on a large scale allows reducing pressure on environment. After a successful experience in rural context (Kabul city).