Royal Pure Gold LTD (RPGL) is known for its excellent services in gold and gold related items. The organization is managed in a professional manner with the best measures of gold business. It endeavours to strengthen gold business in Afghanistan by putting all efforts to ensure that we have substantial share in the entire value chain of gold, making it easily accessible to investors, wholesalers and retail clients with the finest virtue, quality, design and best price. Today RPGL is known all over Afghanisthan for its solid and reliable products and straightforward services in the field of physical gold.

As an organization, we strive to outperform ourselves through a stringent spotlight on customer services, quality and dependable sourcing, which characterize each aspect of our operation. As a private-owned organization, we put establishing and maintaining mutual beneficial relationship at the forefront to ensure long-term sustainability as we value our customers and partners by treating them as a part of the business themselves.

We are a smart association that believes in change and encouranges innovation. We move towards the future with an aim of further extending the business, enhancing our product range and seeking international standards and accreditation from the worlds most recognized affiliations.

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