Sabah-Bgh- e- Khazana SocilaAssocition

SABAH BAGH E KHAZANA SOCIAL ASSOCIATION, Afghanistan was established in 2010 with the aim of familiarizing Afghan women to the professional learning of handicrafts and marketing skill, through various training programs and the way of sustainable livelihood opportunities and ethical business, fair trade practices and social protection. From 2010 onwards, SABAH BAGHE KHAZANA SOCIAL ASSOCIATION, Afghanistan is working as an association, registered as per the laws of the Ministry of Justice, The long term vision is to create a sustainable enterprise, with as many home based workers as possible, engaged in the supply chain, as also being the users and managers of SABAH BAGHE KHAZANA SOCIAL ASSOCIATION, Afghanistan.
Mission statement: The primary objective of SABAH BAGHE KHAZANA SOCIAL ASSOCIATION is to build a strong social-business organization of poor home based workers for better livelihood, sustainability, and to provide regular income to the maximum number of home based women workers.