Safety Nets and Pensions Support Project (SNPSP) / MoLSAMD.


The Government of Afghanistan has laid out its vision of reform in the social protection sector in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) – both in the pension and safety net areas. In pension, the main objective is to ensure fiscal sustainability and mitigate fiscal impact of the pay and grading reform on the pension program, making it consistent with the broader public sector reform   agenda. The strategy also recognizes that it is critically important to develop fiscally sound and well – targeted social protection interventions, including Pension system, safety nets for improving poverty outcomes in the country.

More specifically , the Safety Nets and Pension Support Project (SNPSP) is expected to contribute in the Designing and implementing administrative modernization of the Public Sector Pension program (PSPP) system , Designing and implementing administrative modernization of the Martyrs and Disabled Pension  Program (MDPP) system , Developing administrative system for safety net interventions , Delivering targeted benefit payments in the pilot districts (including ,payment  service provider’s fee and FPs services) and Designing and implementing targeting , process and impact evaluation of safety nets interventions .any

The project was initiated in early 2010 with the financial support of from World Bank/IDA grants and will continue until June 2016. A Project support Team (PST) has been set up in MOLSAMD with support from the Grant Management Unit (GMU) of the Ministry. The PST is responsible for formulating and implementing activities under the project.

Core teams of international epxperts and national consultants under both components , are operating within the PST and strengthened by hiring Advisors to H.E the minister , Deputy Ministers – Labors, Social Affairs, and Martyrs and Disabled and Director- Pension Department. Respective Team Leaders in Pensions and Safety Nets are being hired and supported by dedicated teams of MIS, Procurement, finance and administration.