Sanaizada Edible Oil Production Company

Sanaizada Edible Oil Production Company (SEOPC) is located in Mazar-I-Sharif, Balkh Province and it was established in 1995. The company is registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Sanaizada Company is well equipped with the Expeller (Production Machinery), Refinery plant and Packaging line which is new technology with a capacity of 40 Mt of raw material per day.
 The company vision is to supply high quality refined Edible oil to the market in all over Afghanistan specially in the North Region at competitive prices and to contribute to import substitution, provide direct and indirect employment in the urban and rural areas. SEOPC relies on his industry knowledge, a good financial position and well-integrated supply chain, advanced technology and improved marketing practices and to become the market leader in oilseed industry and sources of income, employment and service to the people of Afghanistan, acting as a catalyst for the expansion of the oilseed production sector.