The emergence of new and dynamic society in Afghanistan requires skilled professionals across all key sectors impacting on development in Afghan society. To achieve this, local capacity must be developed; without ignoring the fact that in order to reach development goals.
Social Change Consulting is a venture where skills and competencies are developed and consolidated with a view to aiding Afghanistan’s professional reach their true potential. Social Change Consulting envisages a future, where our home-grown youth are leading in every sector of development, be it management, technology or modern languages and are able to successfully compete with external entrants to the market. We are bridging the gap and fostering professional excellence and raw human talent. We recognize human resources as Afghanistan’s greatest national asset and the best means by which to build strong foundations upon.
 This is an exciting opportunity to play a crucial role in supporting the day to day running, as well as the development, sustainability and growth, of one of the leading training and development consulting in the Kabul dedicated to the development afghan youth and workplace employees. In this role you will report to the CEO, as well as support the work other staff.